Philosophy / Code of Conduct

Our Philosophy
We at the Zagree Group promise to contribute to the development of society through our product creation.


We are committed to creating reliable top-quality products
that are consistently delivered in order to uphold our customers’ trust.


We challenge ourselves to adopt the latest scientific technologies
and to develop products in harmony with the global environment.


We ensure a safe and professional working environment and
create a vibrant and rewarding workplace.


We strive for robust and highly transparent management
in order to strengthen the understanding and trust of our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

  • To act with the customer’s satisfaction in mind.
  • To act responsibly and approach everything with a positive attitude.
  • To set challenges high and work towards them with a spirit of independence and autonomy.
  • To employ ingenuity in improving workplace efficiency and to share one’s sense of accomplishment with others.
  • To comply with laws and regulations and act in accordance with societal standards and norms.