We believe that creating social values through our business brings our management philosophy into fruition, and we aim to realize a sustainable society and the sustainable growth of the Zagree Trading Team.

CSR policy
1.Solving social issues
We aim for sustainable company growth by contributing to solving social issues through our business.

2.Responsibility for the environment
We take responsibility for the impact of our business activities on the environment and carry out business activities in harmony with the global environment.

3.Responsibility for safety
We place safety as our top priority in business operations. We provide safety and security in our workplace and local communities.

4.Respect for human rights
We respect basic human rights and eliminate any inhumane conduct such as discrimination, unfair labor practice and harassment.

5.Responsibility for corporate governance
We strive for sound and highly transparent management, deepening the understanding and trust of all stakeholders.

6.Responsibility for employees
We support the self-actualization of employees and create a safe and rewarding workplace.

CSR Committee
Based on our CSR policy, we are an organization that promotes company-wide activities to create a sustainable society and realize the sustainable growth of the company. CSR Committee consists of general managers of each division and the presidents of affiliated companies.

Main duties of the committee
Formulation of CSR policy and CSR year goals
Promotion of ESG activities
Education and Information Campaigns related to CSR

Awareness change and practice for ESG initiative

① Each person understands how they are involved in ESG and engages in daily business activities with awareness of ESG.
② Each department sets goals that contribute to ESG from their respective standpoints and puts them into practice to achieve them.
③ Each department cooperates and we become a ESG implementing company that is useful for people and for the world.