Environmental Philosophy
Zagree recognizes the conservation of the global environment as one of the important issues common to humanity. We are engaged in the manufacturing and sale of chemical products, and actively aim to reduce the environmental burden.

Environmental policy
We are engaged in the research, development and production of chemicals and, accordingly, conduct environmental management activities to reduce the environmental impact of the products we make. We are particularly concerned about preventing resource depletion and work to procure recyclable materials to the greatest extent possible, while promoting activities to reduce environmental impact.

1 . Legal compliance and pollution prevention
We comply with environmental laws, regulations and other requirements, strive to prevent environmental pollution, and work to protect the environment of society and local communities.

2 . Environmental load reduction activities
We grasp the environmental pollution that accompanies business development, manage the environment through continuous improvement, and work to prevent pollution.

① We purchase environment-friendly products and develop product design, development, manufacturing, and sales activities.
② Strengthen the understanding and management of hazardous chemical substances and carry out activities to reduce emissions.
③ We strive to conduct research and development managing emissions in consideration of the environmental burden.
3 . Education and publicity activities
We set environmental objectives to achieve this environmental policy, informing all employees through environmental education to practice environmental pollution prevention.

Reduce environmental load initiative
In order to make effective use of limited resources, We are promoting energy conservation and reducing waste.

Promoting Energy Conservation
Each factories promote the reduction of fuel and electricity usage by implementing steam & waste heat recovery systems and streaming steam piping, including process control value optimization and active introduction of energy saving equipment.

Moving forward, we will continue to promote activities aimed at reduction of energy intensity per production volume. We will promote activities to reduce Co2 emissions toward the target of 1% reduction every year, in regulation to the “Act on Rationalization of Energy Use” set by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Waste Reduction
From the perspective of reducing environmental impact and processing costs, We will continue to strive to reduce waste.

It is difficult to directly reduce the amount of waste per production volume, but we are working to increase the recycling rate ※ by promoting the recycling of generated waste.(2020 results 86%)

※Recycling Rate: Percentage of waste generated that is processed by the company or outsourced and used for recycling.