Whether you are starting a new exciting business or expanding you existing one, Zagree, a Total Solution Partner, is HERE to work with you to maximize your potential. As an experienced agent, we understand that running a business is not easy nowadays; therefore our aim is to help you overcome with possible obstacles in the merchant industry and ease your process in reaching your business goals. We provide “one point contact” service for ALL of your product developments. ALL you need to contact is just ONE of our professional managers for communications, follow-ups, and consolidation of your account products, whether it’s just ONE or a WIDE range of items. Contact us and we will handle all of your suppliers, orders, and any special requirements for you, as we are your Total Solution Partner. Sit back, relax, and let us Zagree take care of you.

Our in-house sourcing team specialized in all different categories. We have strong relationship with many suppliers throughout Asia. All communications are summarized to you instead of you going through hundreds of suppliers.

Thinking from customer perspective
We express your needs with our local knowledge. We have experience in working with international buyers. It is our duty to get the best solution base on the beneficiary of our customer.

In house quality control
Our in-house QC team is located at different provinces in China to inspect and monitor orders to ensure it meets customer’s quality standard.

Analysis and solutions
Our Custom requirements always come before anything. We analysis current market , factory latest trends, and information for our customers to attain the best solution for their needs.

Cost saving
Being your eyes and ears in Asia, you will be able to estimate travelling expenses. Furthermore, with our strong long-term relationship with our suppliers, we have extremely high negotiation power for the best price possible.

Time efficiency
All communication with all suppliers and factories will be summarized and highlighted to you to simplify your work and increase your efficiency. Our Sourcing team will be in direct contact with our customers to ensure smooth and easy communication.

Our team will assist in all the negotiation and product development.

Logistic optimization
We are here to assist with shipment consolidation to minimize LCL charges involved with multi suppliers.